Hello Deschusters!

We wanted to drop in here and give you all a little heads on the coming year, and what that means for us, and for you! Think of it as a help-us-help-you kinda of thing. We are about to enter a bicycle retail and service year that, for lack of better words, could get a little wild.

We’ll keep it short and sweet.

Bikes and accessories are going to be VERY hard to come by this year. After the mad rush on product last year, retailers (including us!) seem to bought the industry out of every bike they planed to produce in 2021. On top of this, in order to match retailer demand, bicycle manufactures bought accessory manufactures out of nearly all of THEIR products in order to build out all these new bikes *Face Palm*.

Good news is we are VERY well stocked up going into spring. Bad news is that once we’re out of product, we do not know when we’ll be able to get more. And until supply chains catch up to this increase in demand, the only certainty we’ll be able to provide is incredible uncertainty. Fun times eh? So please be patient with us and remember that we’re no more excited about this than you are. And if you want something this year, your window of opportunity is rapidly closing. 


Next order of business, SERVICE. Just like everything else, we’re anticipating out busiest service year ever. We’ve never seen so much interest in cycling in this little town we call home, and we LOVE it, but the longer you wait to bring your bike in, the longer it’s going to take for us to get it back to you. So please, for your sakes and ours, go to your garage right now and sit on your bike. How’s it feel? Does it need a summer tune up?  A little pre-season love? Suspension? Tire sealant? Is that chain worn out (We still have those!).
Let's gets that taken care of soon eh? We want to to make sure that by the time the suns back out, your bikes back in your hands. You don’t it sitting here in our stands during peak riding season amiright?

Bellow is a semi-comprehensive list of models that are already in the store or on order for a later spring delivery date. We’re not including inventory or sizes…. Because we’re way better at bikes then we are the internet, give us a call or swing through to talk specifics. Once these are gone, we do not know what we will be getting, or when we will be getting more inventory.